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25.10.2017 | Studio 1 of BNR (Bulgarian National Radio): World Premiere of the piece “Spurensuche” at the festival Agitato in Sofia.
The piece was commissioned and performed by the Ensemble Crush. The Live-Electronics in this piece are quadrophonic. The sound you hear is the stereo mix of the live-broadcast by the Bulgarian National Radio on wednesday, october 25th.

Flute: Pia Marei Hauser
Bass clarinet: Kyusang Jeong
Violoncello: Andrei Simion
Composition / Live Electronics: Florian Hartlieb

Program Note:

The piece “Spurensuche” deals with finitude. The unfinished and repeatedly sweeping fragments of melody and articulation of the instruments symbolize the approach to traces of life. These appear to be opaque in detail, but on the whole they merge into a moment. The moment of their inevitable dissolution, in turn, is full of poetic beauty.
Recurring sound miniatures are mixed with algorithmic electronics to create a spectral minimalism. Generative loops of an empty record track serve as the base material for the electronics, which do nothing less than turn time into an acoustic sculpture.



I’m happy to announce, that I was elected as a member of the DEGEM Board.  The election took place during the meeting of the members of the DEGEM on September, 3rd at the HAW Hamburg.

The DEGEM – (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik e.V. — German Society for Electroacoustic Music) supports electroacoustic music and sound art within Germany as well as internationally.
To achieve this, the Society organizes conferences, courses, concerts, as well as sharing information internationally and publishing and releasing publications and audio media.