Verzweigung @ Sweet Thunder Music Festival

Verzweigung will be presented at the upcoming Sweet Thunder Music Festival in San Francisco. The festival will last from april 24th, to 27th.

The piece will run in the Sweet Thunder Listening Room, which features classic works of tape and pre-composed computer music curated by Tom Erbe.


Brothers in Arms

On February, 12th was the premiere of Brothers in Arms, a theater play by Ana Zirner, for which I wrote the music. The premiere took place at the theatre Schwere Reiter in Munich.

About the piece:

Three German actors travel each to Iran and Israel respectively. There they talk to their contemporaries about positive and negative experiences in the military, about their relation with the state and their sense of responsibility within the community. It will be about perceptions of the respective “enemy”, and about how this perception is built. And last but not least it will be about the question of: “What is there is a war between Iran and Israel?”

Back in Germany we transfer this material to theatre. It is thereby important, that the opinions that are stated on our stage are always either literal excerpts of the soldiers testimonies, or personal views of the actors themselves. Through text/language and choreography/movement we want to launch a process that provides our audience with visual thought provoking material.

Here you can find a review of  


USAP @ Synagogenplatz

The sound installation USAP, which includes my piece Verzweigung, is presented on december 7th and 8th at the Synagogenplatz in Mülheim/Ruhr.
A sonic-circle will connect the cultural triangle between Kunstmuseum, Kulturbetrieb and Medienhaus

The installation also includes acousmatic compositions by Peter Eisold, Hiromi Ishii, Wilfried Jentzsch, Hans W. Koch, Tilman Küntzel, Frank Niehusmann, Michele del Prete and Clemens von Reusner.


Upcoming Concerts

Out of the Fridge was selected for a concert-presentation at the  international Csound Conference  at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The concert will take place on october 25th.
Keynote speakers at the conference are John Chowning and Jean-Claude Risset.

Two weeks earlier, on october 12th, Caladan will be performed at a concert due to the annual convention of the DEGEM (German association for electroacoustic music) at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media.


Hey Folks,
I’m glad to announce the release of my digital record “Quadrosonic” at the Modisti Netlabel.

It contains three quadrophonic works, “Im vorderen Zimmer des hinteren Raums”, “Bei offenem Fenster” and “Caladan”.

You can have a look and order it here

Verzweigung @ Hilltown New Music Festival

Next week, Verzweigung will be presented at the the Hilltown New Music Festival in Castlepollard, Ireland. (20th & 21st july 2013).

Now in its sixth edition, the Hilltown New Music Festival continues to showcase Irish and International contemporary music and sonic art by presenting innovative new work to audiences and providing a sustainable place for contemporary arts in the Midlands.


Finished my new acousmatic piece Verzweigung for 12 audio channels, which was specially created for the USAP project.

USAP (Urban Solar Audio Plant) is a solar-cell powered, wireless LAN controlled, multichannel sound-installation for public space, created by Peter Eisold and Micha Dawid.
A swarm of mobile loudspeaker columns turns every suitable outdoor area into a spacious and unique “listening park”.
By the large-area spreading of the single sound sources and the 12- channel compositions and soundscapes, this novel instrument gives the visitor an extraordinary listening experience at special urban places or at rural areas.

There will be a large number of USAP performances this season, see more here



My piece Bei offenem Fenster has been awarded as a winning work of the international composition competition Atmospheres by the ZKM and the Akademie der Künste Berlin (AdK).

It will be presented from may 8th until may 19th in a listening space at the exhibition “kultur:stadt“.

There will also be a concert presentation at the ZKM later this year.


2013 European Erasmus Composition Competition

Great news! My piece Caladan has been awarded with the first price at the 2013 European Erasmus Composition Competition!

The award ceremony and  a concert presentation will be held on may 14th at the University Paris VIII in the framework of the Journées d’Informatique Musicale (JIM 13) .


Sound Devices

The movements Landing and Exploration of my piece Caladan are going to be presented at the next edition of Sound Devices in Dublin, Ireland.

Sound Devices is an exciting new way for both artists and audiences to explore the connection between sound, acousmatic music and literature.

in celebration of historical Rathmines Library’s 100th anniversary, a series of monthly events in the form of imaginative journeys through sound is curated by sound artist La Cosa Preziosa.

The event is scheduled for 28th February at 6.30pm.


Here is the podcast concerning this edition: