Looking very forward to the premiere of my piece “Flimmer/Respons”, which was a commission by the flutist player Pia Marei Hauser.

The premiere will take place on friday, september, 16th, at the St. Ludger church in Duisburg, among other pieces by Heinz Holliger, Ian Clarke, Bojidar Spassov, Salvatore Sciarrino and Thorsten Töpp, all performed and presented by Pia Marei Hauser.

About the piece:

The piece Flimmer/Respons (for solo instrument and 4-channel live electronics) attempts to transform the inherent sound of the architectural space into musical material, thereby enabling a dialogue between the musician and the space.
With the help of a software instrument designed for this purpose, the sound events in the room are fed into an endless, repetitive recording process in order to repeatedly generate the acoustic characteristics of the room, i.e. the so-called resonance flickering, and to alienate them using various parameters in the software instrument. In addition, zones defined in the graphic score allow the musician to dynamically change positions in the room in order to explore the spatial sound not only electro-acoustically, but also purely acoustically.
In this way, there is a permanent fusion of current and past sounds, which take on different aesthetics depending on the spatial situation and thus generate a transformative, auditory memory process.

a l’arme

Very happy to announce, that my piece a l’arme is part of the new DEGEM-Triple-CD, which was released due to the 30-years jubilee of the DEGEM (German Society for Electroacoustic Music). The 3 CD’s were curated by Folkmar Hein, Anne Wellmer and Tobias Hagedorn.

coverdesign Marc Behrens

You can buy it here, there you also find all additional informations and the full setlist of the Triple-CD.

a l’arme @ ZKM

Looking forward to the concert-premiere of my acousmatic 8-channel piece a l’arme at the Klangdom of the ZKM in Karlsruhe, during the realease-concert of the new jubilee-cd of the DEGEM (German Society for Electroacoustic Music).

About the piece:

The complete acoustic material of the piece a l’arme is fed by a recording of the so-called Siren Warning Day, which took place throughout North Rhine-Westphalia on 11.03.2021, thus rehearsing—in the midst of a global pandemic and its nationwide lockdown—the catastrophic state of emergency. So the question arises: can all bad things always get worse? In this way, a drone-like piece has been created that explores concepts of spectral spatiality. Acoustic codes of warning blur with dense textures and microscopic sound transformations, creating a sound space in constant alert. 

Visual Sound Outdoor Festival

Looking very forward to the premiere of Human Interface II by the Klanglicht Ensemble!

The premiere will take place at the Visual Sound Outdoor Festival in Dortmund on sep 9th.

The Klanglicht Ensemble are:







Get Together @ Leipzig Book Fare

On Friday, march 22nd, I will perform a live electronic setup at the Get Together concert of the GNM (German Society for New Music) at the Gallery for contemporary art in Leipzig. The concert takes place on the occasion of the Leipzig Book Fare.

Besides, the concert will include performances and Readings by Hannes Bajohr, Michael Barthel, Anja Kampmann and Bernd Leukert.


18:00 | Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig – Villa (Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 11, 04107 Leipzig)


inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces | ZKM

Thrilled to announce, that my 12-channel piece Verzweigung is presented at the opening concert of the festival inSonic at the ZKM in Karlsruhe.

»inSonic« is a showcase for genre- and genre-spanning artistic confrontations with new media technologies and innovative concepts, which will be explored in lectures, hands-on demonstrations, concerts and live coding performances.

Friday, December, 7th | 20:00 | ZKM, Kubus

Performances from:
– Quadrature
– Anemone Actiniaria
– Ya-Wen Fu
– Tom Mudd
– Mark Pilkington
– Florian Hartlieb