a l’arme @ ZKM

Looking forward to the concert-premiere of my acousmatic 8-channel piece a l’arme at the Klangdom of the ZKM in Karlsruhe, during the realease-concert of the new jubilee-cd of the DEGEM (German Society for Electroacoustic Music).

About the piece:

The complete acoustic material of the piece a l’arme is fed by a recording of the so-called Siren Warning Day, which took place throughout North Rhine-Westphalia on 11.03.2021, thus rehearsing—in the midst of a global pandemic and its nationwide lockdown—the catastrophic state of emergency. So the question arises: can all bad things always get worse? In this way, a drone-like piece has been created that explores concepts of spectral spatiality. Acoustic codes of warning blur with dense textures and microscopic sound transformations, creating a sound space in constant alert. 

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