Brothers in Arms

On February, 12th was the premiere of Brothers in Arms, a theater play by Ana Zirner, for which I wrote the music. The premiere took place at the theatre Schwere Reiter in Munich.

About the piece:

Three German actors travel each to Iran and Israel respectively. There they talk to their contemporaries about positive and negative experiences in the military, about their relation with the state and their sense of responsibility within the community. It will be about perceptions of the respective “enemy”, and about how this perception is built. And last but not least it will be about the question of: “What is there is a war between Iran and Israel?”

Back in Germany we transfer this material to theatre. It is thereby important, that the opinions that are stated on our stage are always either literal excerpts of the soldiers testimonies, or personal views of the actors themselves. Through text/language and choreography/movement we want to launch a process that provides our audience with visual thought provoking material.

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