DEGEM CD 13 @ Kontakte Festival

The DEGEM CD 13 “Borders”, which I curated, will be presented to the public by my person during the Kontakte Festival at the Academy of Arts in Berlin!

Border — it can define the edge of a room, it can be a dividing line or a delimited area. Borders can occur between people, nations, states, thoughts, traditions, lands, and cultures. A border can be a demarcation or exclusion between outside and inside. It can define one’s own limits or the limits to another. Borders can be cut, crossed, opened, overcome, ignored, or moved. A border can also be completely insurmountable.

Borders — this is a central theme of our time. While borders in many parts of Europe were taken down some time ago, on the edges of the continent there is a border that has become deadly for many people in the past few months. Religions and cultures are perceived as borders. Being involved with the current political situation has motivated me to create the DEGEM CD 13 with Borders as the overreaching theme.

Borders — The composers whose work appears on this CD have been completely free to interpret the theme. Ten new and high-quality pieces of music have thus been written which all address the theme in a wide-ranging, experimental, and highly differentiated manner.