On Ash Wednesday will be the premiere of U_Turn, a generative sound- and ballet-installation, which is a collaboration with the choreographer David N. Russo. The installation will take place in the Munich Dome.  

Here you can watch a teaser of the installation by the bavarian television.


Working with Sounds @ Zeche Zollern

On may 18th was the premiere of Working with sounds, an interactive realtime installation, which gives visitors the possibility to create their own soundscapes and concrete compositions. It’s based on sound material, which origin is from an industrial context.

It was comissioned by the Industriemuseum Zeche Zollern in Dortmund due to the international museums day, where the EU-Project Work with sounds was introduced to the public.

Here are two examples of sounds, that visitors created:

Working with sounds 1 [audio:http://www.florian-hartlieb.de/imt/julio.mp3]
Working with sounds 2 [audio:http://www.florian-hartlieb.de/imt/marcus.mp3]


Out of the Fridge @ Linux Audio Conference 2014

I very much enjoyed my visit at the LAC 2014 at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, where I presented Out of the Fridge in the ZKM_Cube. The two channels of the stereo-piece were live diffused by me over the 43 speakers in the Sound dome, using the software Zirkonium.

The concert was also filled with pieces from Luis Valdivia, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Clemens von Reusner and Ali Ostovar.

Graphic representation of the Klangdom in the ZKM_Kubus